by bobsanders49

In my first post, I outlined “The Gospel according to Bob”. Obviously It is heavily influenced by my participation and leadership in various 12 Step organizations, as well as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Second post, “Twelve Step Vision – After thoughts” was born from a perceived flaw in the first post. This, the third, is another try at correcting the flaws.

So, what was so bad about the second post? Simply this; I have noticed that several people have read the blog, told me it was an interesting read, but were not interested. Why?

Let’s look at why I feel it is NECESSARY to become wealthy and why I believe LIFE is the best vehicle for creating that wealth. Those who are still not interested will either not be interested in creating that much wealth or, they will not believe I am telling the truth.

  1. The World financial system is unstable. Let’s start with some “common sense”. Show me ONE example in all recorded history where an individual, City, Provence or Nation was able to become peaceful and prosperous after having spent so much money that it was necessary to borrow money just to pay the interest on the loans, all without “pain”. The problem is that in a “democracy” the people will not vote themselves into the level of “pain” required to cut the spending, create the income and pay down the debt. Unfortunately, this kind of collective irresponsibility puts dictatorships and oligarchy’s in a superior position to the world’s democracies. Why? because they can just “decree” the draconian measures required. Worse yet, Americans and the world in general are poor students of history. Can any one dispute that high inflation creates chaos? Have we forgotten that Napoleon and Hitler arose out of chaos? What has all this to do with LIFE and wealth? Simply this: The Jews who really were wealthy, not just “doing ok” middle class, mostly saw the Holocaust coming and were able to leave Germany relatively early on. It was the “middle class” that said “What are they going to do, kill all 6 million of us?”. The Jews who did escape were systematically stripped of all remaining wealth before being allowed out or forced “in” to the gas chambers.  There is a storm coming and I, for one want to be able to survive it. Prevention would be better but, that would require the American voters to “sober up” about spending, taxes and other things we collectively continue to fantasize about. I’m not holding my breath on that one. The other solution would be to create a community of millions of millionaires. More PEOPLE with more MONEY and the FREE TIME that can bring, who are willing to become more INFORMED and more ACTIVE in social and political matters. There are many businesses that have created millionaires and many civic clubs and organizations that create UNDERSTANDING through information, but I know of no other group, business or organization that puts it all together like The LIFE business.   For Example:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bqMEOM0CjI&list=PLNJBhsLMqhr2LqSSQrneOkyWeKujZMezR                                          Watch this then tell me your business is lead by such a Patriot!
  2. Let’s take a longer slower scenario. As the Government continues to grow, tax and spend, the deficit will continue to get bigger and bigger. We will enter a period of prolonged “stagflation” of the kind that propelled Ronald Reagan to the White house, OR the inflation rate will have to accelerate. No one is proposing budget cuts as a third alternative, except Ron Paul supporters and their allies. SO, what does that mean? According to the rule of 72, a 4% inflation rate means that prices double every 18 years. (72/4 = 18) That’s what “The Greatest Generation” grew accustomed to. Now, with the higher inflation rates (8%) coming (some say are already here), prices will double every 9 years. What if they double every 6 years?  Can you grantee that inflation will return to 4% in the foreseeable future? I’m NOT talking about home interest loan rates, I’m talking about the cost of gasoline, electricity and natural gas! Here is the key question: Do you really expect me to believe that your boss, your employer the company you work for, the industry you work in and the whole economy will double your wages to keep up with inflation? WAKE THE %!#* UP! Stop living in a dream world! Rich will be the new AVERAGE, that is, IF we don’t create a dictatorship like in #1 above.
  3. I want to retire. This is very personal, so if that offends you, skip to #4. Frankly, I have no assets. My balance sheet reveals my “net worthless” to be negative. I can live the rest of my life on the “age 62” Social Security or I can become wealthy. I pick wealthy. Now, since my plan is to retire in just 2 more years (from 2013), what would stop you from doing the same thing? Do you have some sort of financial “death wish” that is forcing you to work for 40 years? How old will you be in 2 years? Does the idea of being “job optional” cause that much revulsion? Would sitting on a beach make you break out in hives? What would be to terrible about being FREE? Do you realize that a lot of our freedom is lost on the local level? What would be so bad about going down to the next City Council meeting held at 2 o’clock in the afternoon on a Wednesday, and registering your opinion? Do you even know what the issues are? Do you care? I want to be FREE in EVERY sense of the word. Only money can do that! What about you? Do you have something against FREEDOM?
  4. This is NOT a reason I want to be free, it is a reason I NEED to be free. In order to develop the following required for the kind of wealth I am describing, I get to make some big changes in my personality. This will NOT be fun! I get to practice being more considerate. I get to become more reliable, more diligent, harder working, kinder, gentler, more appreciative, more giving, more accepting and appreciating of even the smallest things. I get to become more competent, more confident, more caring. I get to develop the habit of doing what is right, no matter how painful, inconvenient or problematic it may be. In short, I will be required to do a lot of psychological WORK! Why? because if I don’t, I will “p%@s” people off and they will not follow me. Without a following, I am only out for a walk. Lone people don’t get rich in this business. You see, I am not a genius like Warren Buffett. I am not talented like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, nor do I pay violin like Josh Bell. I did not catch the technological wave like Bill Gates. I have no idea what the next one will be. You see, I have no choice, I grow or I die. The good news here is that by making the changes, I will have much less to worry about, at that great final “personal priesthood interview” with the “Prophet, Priest and King of the Universe”. At this writing I have some concerns. I am not ready yet. Becoming more “Christ like” solves many more problems than spiritual ones. Not fun, but necessary.
  5. Lastly, I want to take my Grandchildren to a movie at 1 or 2 O’clock in the middle of the week. I want to watch all the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or other  movies anytime I feel like it. I want to see New York, Washington DC, London, Paris, Rome, Athens, Jerusalem, Hong Kong, and Hawaii. I want to visit all my cousins. I want to visit all my nephews and nieces and all their children. I’d like to meet my 2nd and 3rd cousins and their grandchildren and children. I want to stroke a check to someone who could really do some good, as a political office holder or the founder of some wonderful charity. I want to buy billboards, radio stations or maybe even whole Television Networks to get the word out. I want to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, teach the ignorant, empower the victims, heal the sick and liberate the unjust captive.Bob Maggy dressed up I want to go on a full time Mission overseas somewhere and not worry about my Real Estate Empire or Construction business or whatever I have, being run into the ground by well meaning children or hirelings. I want to spend a Summer on a mountain top. I want to spend a Winter on a sunny beach. I want a coach like Bob, Dolvet or Jillian (“The Biggest Looser” TV show) screaming in my ear until I finally loose those hundred extra pounds I carry every day. I want to learn to love the “high nutrition” diet so I can keep the pounds off. But most of all, I want to earn the respect of my sons-in-law, the admiration of my daughters in law and the love of my Grandchildren. I want to lunch with the “high and mighty” any time I have the opportunity any day of the week and have them respect my beliefs, even if they violently oppose them. Tell me that can be done on a “we’re do’en all right” income!

Now you know why I want to be rich. The only remaining question is, can the Life Business do it for me? Only if I work at it and acquire the necessary character traits.

If you can read, if you can listen to the right kind of audios, if you will associate with people who have all the above, if you will apply what you learn in a “Plan-Do-Check-Adjust” way, you can do what I plan to do. Can you? Will you?